THV11 first told you last week about a North Little Rock pastor who's working to bring change to the Rose City neighborhood. 

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But since then, a school being restored as an outreach center for that project was burglarized, and another building was vandalized.

Pastor Ryan summons has been working diligently to turn the old Rose City school building into what he calls the lighthouse of the community. He said this crime simply sheds light on how necessary this project is.

“After seeing my friend Andrew Rogers facility broken into I came to check on my building and I came in and we found footprints on the floor,” Summons said.

Those footprints lead Summons to areas that were trashed.

He also said tools being used to fix up the school like paint brushes and wood were gone.

“I feel like the community has been invaded by vandals and criminals and things like that and the community is very, very vulnerable and I believe if we band together as a community we can show a sign of strength,” Summons said.

His plan is to make the school a homeless shelter and outreach center for the youth and people in need.

Summons said this bump in the road is a sign to keep working on the project.

“That does show us that we need to keep going this is the reason why we should just try harder to focus on what we’re doing,” Summons said.

More volunteers are showing up to help.

Tomeka Caldwell said the project hits very close to home.

“I used to go to school here when I was a little bitty girl,” Caldwell said.

She said the center will provide positive things to do for children in the community.

“I am here because I love what he has going on with this building, you know what he wants to do with the youth. You know, how he wants to rebuild the community,” Caldwell said.

Summons said with the community’s help, he can turn a negative situation into something constructive.

“We’re no stronger than anyone else if we’re not together,” Summons said.

This incident will not delay his plan to hold an open house event for the community at the end of March.

If you’re interested in helping, Summons said you can contact him on his Facebook page