Saturday’s storm system brought strong winds that toppled over power lines and left thousands of people without electricity across the state.

An Entergy spokesperson said they've had over 700 workers and contractors
trying to restore power as quickly as possible. 

Entergy also added that they look out of state for workers and specialty equipment when a storm causes this much damage.

"Really the theme of this storm has been vegetation. With all the rain we've had this year the ground is saturated. So what we're experiencing is a lot of trees falling, so not just limbs," Jacksonville resident Treasure Britt said.

Some homeowners in Little Rock said their power was out nearly 24 hours after winds knocked over a large tree.

Although crews were working to restore power it caused frustration for some residents.

"We spent a lot of time going back and forth between our car and our home to keep warm. My house has a lot of medical problems," Britt said.

Entergy estimates most customers will have power by Sunday night with a small portion of the work that will carry over to Monday.

"We are working as fast and as safely as we can. Many of our employees worked all night and continue to work today and safety is first and foremost. We kind of have two things that we say frequently and that's one, we power life. And that we don't want our customers to stop what they're doing because of us. But we also pride ourselves in keeping our employees safe and returning them home," Director of Operations Central Region Chris Brown said.

Many were happy they'll be able to go back to a normal routine Monday.

"Oh, it's a great relief because like I said my wife I had to take her to an in-laws house all day because she was freezing last night,” Jacksonville resident Eric Applewhite said.

Entergy staff said if you see a tree that looks like it's about to fall on a power line, just give them a call and they will come out to look at it.