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Toddler tragically dies attempting to save puppy from Gentry house fire

“There’s actually prints on the carpet of where she laid beside him, to try and save him from the fire," said the toddler's mother.

GENTRY, Ark. — On Saturday, November 30, Deshay Wilson and Kurtis Sharp's 23-month-old son Loki died trying to save their 6-month-old puppy after their Gentry house caught fire.

For the first time since the incident, Wilson and Sharp are opening up after Loki's tragic death. “There’s actually prints on the carpet of where she laid beside him, to try and save him from the fire," says Deshay Wilson. "They basically tried to save each other.”

Loki had eight brothers and sisters, some of whom, according to our affiliate KFSM, witnessed their brother run back into the house.

“There are taking it really hard right now, they are blaming themselves for a lot of it," said Deshay Wilson. "They haven’t been in school. His little sister, she’s not even a year old yet, she can’t even sleep through the night anymore. She wakes up having nightmares and screaming and crying for her brother.”

Despite the big family, it was blended— with Loki being Wilson's firstborn. She recalled her last memory with her son: playing with chickens and raking leaves together. "He was just barely learning how to talk,” she said.

Loki was a fun-loving, outgoing spirit, according to the 23-month-old's parents. 

They say that the house fire was chaotic—between attempting to put out the fire and calling for help, Loki ran back inside to save their six-month-old puppy before anyone could stop him.

Although nearly all of the family's possessions were lost in the fire, nothing compares to the loss of Loki, Wilson and Sharp say. They hope that their tragedy can remind other parents to cherish their kids and never take anything for granted.

The family told KFSM that it was an electrical fire, but the fire is currently still under investigation.

Loki Sharp's visitation will be held this Friday, Dec. 6, then the funeral service will be held Saturday at the Wasson Funeral Home in Siloam Springs.

If you would like to help the family with the funeral costs, there is a fundraiser set up here.