LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With so much talk over gun control following the mass shootings, figuring out what the law is can be confusing.

But it can be verified that Arkansas actually reformed and relaxed its gun laws this past legislative session.  

A viewer asked, "can you verify when the new lower prices come into effect for conceal carry permits and renewal of said permits?"

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Act 61 was signed into law by the governor in February, essentially cutting the concealed carry permit fees in half from $100 to $50 dollars for first-time permits.

The renewal fee was reduced from $35 to $25 dollars.

To answer our viewer's question, the new fees went into effect July 24. 

But during that same session, lawmakers also passed legislation relaxing gun restrictions in the state. The governor signed Act 495 into law last March. It, too, went into effect July 24. 

Act 495 eliminates the previous ban in our state on silenced or suppressed- firearms.

The act also makes it clear that other items such as "short-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, and fully automatic guns" can be legally owned under National Firearms Act rules here in Arkansas.

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Arkansas is a constitutional carry state, meaning a person doesn't need a permit to carry a pistol, but permits are useful for reciprocity in other states.

It can be verified that not only were the permit fees reduced beginning July 24, but the law was also reformed to legalize silencers and other firearms in our state.

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