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No, you can't use marijuana while on parole or probation even with a medical card

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved legalizing medical use of cannabis--one viewer wonders if this applies to those on parole and probation.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It's been 5 years since voters approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment to legalize the medical use of cannabis.

In that time, there are still questions viewers are turning to us to answer.

One of the big ones comes from THV11 Verify viewer Jerry who asked: "Since medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, can a parolee or probationer with a medical card use the medicine?"

Our sources are the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, along with the Arkansas Parole Board

Spokesman Scott Hardin with DFA tells us that a parolee or probationer could successfully obtain a patient card in Arkansas. 

However if terms of probation or parole prohibit the use of any controlled substance, there isn't an exemption that would allow the use of medical marijuana.

According to the Arkansas Department of Corrections,  the Parole Board sets the conditions for parole. 

When we visited the Parole Board's website, we found their position on medical use of marijuana by parolees, which states: "The use of marijuana for medical purposes remains a violation of federal law."

Under Parole Condition #4 -  the board says parolees must "obey all state and federal laws."

Their website also states that "the Arkansas Parole Board will not allow for any exceptions for the use of marijuana by parolees who possess a "Medical Marijuana Card.""

So we can VERIFY, NO, a parolee or probationer with a medical marijuana card cannot use marijuana, not even if it's for medical purposes.

This is false.

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