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Does Home Depot give all veterans a discount? | VERIFY

After one of our viewers was denied a discount twice, our VERIFY team reached out to the major retailer for answers.

ARKANSAS, USA — THV11 committed to saluting our heroes by placing attention on veterans' issues.

One veteran's question, emailed to our VERIFY team, prompted us to reach out to a major retailer for answers.     

Countless retailers offer discounts to veterans as a simple way to say "thank you for your service."  

One of them is Home Depot, but one Arkansas veteran was denied at a local store, so he asked us for help.

David Chilcote writes: 

"I've been turned down at two stores. I have the Veteran designation on my AR drivers license. The cashier has pulled out a card that shows the cards they accept. Retired, Active, Disabled ID cards. The VA does not issue a card to someone that doesn't fall into those categories. So does Home Depot give all Veterans a discount or not?"

It's a great question, and Home Depot responded immediately when we reached out.

They tell us they have what's called a two-tier veteran discount policy.

A spokesperson told us: 

"All veterans and active duty military qualify for the 10-percent discount on major patriotic holiday weekends, such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. 

In addition, we provide an everyday discount to active duty, National Guard and reservists, as well as retired and service-connected disabled service members, and their spouses."

And by retired, the spokesperson clarifies it means 20 or more years of service. 

So to verify, the answer is: yes, they offer a discount, but on a daily basis, it applies only to certain veterans.

If you have something you'd like us to verify, email us at verify@thv11.com or reach out on social media.

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