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No, people aren't paying more on their bills for electric vehicle chargers

There have been several comments online claiming that people who install electric vehicle chargers at home are paying way more on their monthly electric bill.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We've seen comments online, and maybe you have too, claiming that people who install electric vehicle chargers at their homes are paying way more on their monthly electric bill.

But, is that really true? Let's Verify.

Our sources are Entergy Arkansas and the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.

Mitch Ross works as an Energy Efficiency Manager at Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas and said that it really comes down to two main factors in measuring how much your electric bill increase if you're charging at home.

"Depending on how much they're driving, it varies depending on what kind of vehicle they're driving if it's a sporty one," Ross said.

Larger electric vehicles don't always get as good of mileage as smaller ones, which can cost you more.

But, when it comes to the average EV, the money you'd pay on your monthly bill really comes down to the amount of miles you drive each day.

"So the average American drives about 40-miles a day. So your utility bill would go up about 40 bucks a month," Ross said.

Entergy Arkansas said that charging a standard 66-kilowatt-hour battery at home would cost their customers roughly $7 for a full charge.

A battery of that size could travel for nearly 200-miles before running out.

So, if you're an average driver, that would equal around $40 each month. But again, if you drive more, it will end up costing more too.

Even in the most extreme cases, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas said their customers should never expect to see their bills go up by hundreds of dollars.

So we can Verify-- NO, people who install electric vehicle chargers at their homes are not paying way more on their monthly electric bills. 

This is false.

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