LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — You may not want to hear this, but eyelash lice—also known as eyelash mites— well, they're something we all have.

They're microscopic and you can't see them, but doctors say they can get out of control.

It was this post from last week that has people squeamish:

Eyelash lice. Is it really a thing?

"It is really a thing, we call it Demodex," Dr. Sarah Lunsford verifies. Dr. Lunsford is an optometrist and said that it's more common than you might think. 

"They're actually little mites and they live in the hair follicles. We see them on eyelashes on people."

What's not common is a visible abundance of them. 

What causes it?  

According to Dr. Lunsford, they're more common among people with weaker immune systems and with eyelash extensions, but mainly when they're not kept clean enough.

"She got the eyelash extensions, had symptoms and her eyes were itchy and her eyelids were bothering her. She came in and she had lots of Demodex signs on her eyelashes and had to have those extensions removed," Dr. Lunsford said.

Demodex do exist but can be treated. Dr. Lunsford said not to worry too much.

"We all have some of them. It's just when they get out of control that they cause symptoms and problems for us." 

Those symptoms are dry, red, watery and burning eyes.  Also, the mites become visible with inflammation. 

The most common treatment for those negative symptoms is washing your eyelashes carefully with baby shampoo and Tea tree oil.

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