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VERIFY: What are the current election laws in Pennsylvania?

With claims of illegal ballot counting and voter fraud, our VERIFY team breaks down what PA law states about elections and if lawsuits can make a difference.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The laws around counting ballots in Pennsylvania right now are complicated.

Our source is the University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Kermit Roosevelt. 

He says the confusion comes in because the law is not entirely settled in the commonwealth.

Here's where it stands with mail-in ballot counting, as of November 6th at 1pm.

"The Pennsylvania supreme court says you can count them if they are received up to three days past the election. Now republicans challenged that and they took it all the way up to the supreme court. The supreme court didn't interfere with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision, but it did suggest that the ballots be segregated. So they may be challenged later," said Professor Roosevelt. 

Another claim our verify team is looking into is that lawsuits being filed by the Trump administration could make the process to call the presidential race even longer.

The law professor says at least right now, that's not the case.

"The interesting thing about a lot of these lawsuits is that they don't seem to have any potential to change the ultimate outcome."

There have also been claims of voter fraud across the country, so what exactly happens once that is reported?

The law professor says the courts deal with that. 

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"The party that's alleging fraud puts forth any evidence and the judges decide. and of course, fraudulent ballots shouldn't be counted."

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That law professor also says there has not been enough evidence of fraud that could be enough to change the outcome of the election.

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