LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — One year from now in October 2020, the federal government will require you to have what's known as a Real ID.

You will need it to board a commercial airplane or go into any federal building.

But there's a bit of confusion surrounding it and what exactly is a Real ID.

The first thing you need to know is that it's essentially an enhanced license.

It requires more extensive documentation, raising the security standards for what will be accepted at airports and federal buildings.

But do we all need one? The answer to that is maybe.

You can still obtain a regular driver's license, which is perfectly valid to drive in Arkansas.

Some have asked us, "Why would the state let us pay for license and not give us the opportunity to pay for a Real ID instead?"

According to Scott Hardin with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, the Real ID isn't required, but you will always have a choice to get it.

"There's never going to be a point where we say you have to have the Real ID," he said. "The agent will ask, 'Do you want the regular license or the enhanced Real ID?'"

Hardin also explained that you can keep your regular ID and get a Real ID as a duplicate for $10.

While the Real ID is primarily a requirement for air travel or entering a federal building, you can still use a passport or military ID as well.

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