LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — National Signing Day is always a bittersweet day for me. It should be a day where young athletes are praised and celebrated for all their hard work and achievement. A crowning moment for an individual who is fortunate enough to choose where they will continue their education and athletic career.

Unfortunately, I also know their decision will almost always be met with criticism and insults via Twitter by fans who feel betrayed if a kid does not choose their school. 

I understand being a passionate fan, any one of my friends or family will tell you my enthusiasm for the Dallas Cowboys is matched by few. 

However, at what point do we say enough is enough on Twitter? Not just recruits, but reporters too.

Last week an anchor from THV11's Northwest Arkansas affiliate was maliciously attacked on Twitter because she simply expressed her opinion that she does not want to be addressed as "young lady."

Since that moment she has been bullied with comments from cowards because they're desperate Razorback fans. 

Tweeting vile things to a reporter doing her job that they would never have the stomach to say to her face.

Whether you disagree with her position or not doesn't matter. Nothing justifies attacking or bullying a person. I'm sure those comments came from dads, husbands, and sons. 

I'm an Arkansan born and raised. For those telling her this is the south and this is how things are done. Shame on you.

That is not how things are done in Arkansas.

For those who will likely insult a 17-year-old with a 140 characters on Wednesday because of their college choice I encourage you to commit to kindness and respect instead.

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