LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We've been through this before, you know.

1992, in the first game of the season. Arkansas lost to the Citadel 10-3. Then Athletic Director Frank Broyles was so mad he reportedly walked home at halftime and fired the head coach right after the game.

The coach was Jack Crowe and all of us felt we'd reached a low point in Razorback history.

Unfortunately, we would have a lot more Jack Crowe moments after that.

The highly-charged "win at all costs" SEC makes for coaches with short leashes.

Part of me wishes we'd stuck with Coach Morris and he'd slowly but surely bring the program back to being competitive. 

But then watching us get humiliated every weekend was tough to take.

Before all of this went down, I'd already made up my mind to do the unthinkable: A Hogless weekend.

That's almost sacrilege.

But the Hogs have now been bad for so long, it's possible the loss of fans is generational.

So here we go again. Rumors will fly, fans will shop for a new coach. Stands will be half full—including War Memorial after Thanksgiving, and as Razorback fans, we'll have to find glory wherever we can get it.

Wonder if the women's soccer team will be on TV next week.


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