LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A compliment from Arkansas Wildcats head coach Earnest Dukes can get a player feeling sky high, but then he’ll bring you right back down to earth.

“I’ve got seriousness, I’ve got goofiness, I’ve got. Oh my God just some that do what they want to do.”

With all due respect to coach, the Arkansas Wildcats may have earned that swagger. Being the only team in the state to play in the Women’s Football Alliance nationwide league.

“Full contact, we’re out here hitting hard. It’s not going to be a boring game when you come out to watch us play,” said wide receiver Keidra Brewer.

The Wildcats have been practicing and playing here in Little Rock for five years, but this year is different. For the first time they’re heading to the semifinals of the W-F-A playoffs, oh and they only have 12 players including center Erica Williams.

“Every team we play have at least 25 players and at the end of the game after we won and after the games and after we won they are like you guys have so much heart.”

This Wednesday the Wildcats depart for their 32 hour drive to Oregon for the semifinals with former player Kelsey Goode on their minds.

“We played together for a year and a half and she passed away in a car accident. She was our biggest motivation because she made me keep going and even when my mind said stop I kept going because she was going.”

They work to bring a championship home for their team and their friend.