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Benton volleyball team goes viral on TikTok with fun videos

The Benton High volleyball team with the group posting fun videos to their account that already has over 283,000 likes and 9,000 followers.

BENTON, Ark. — Hardware is easy to find inside the arena at Benton High School and this season the volleyball team is looking to add to that same trophy case.

That goal is a driving force for the team, which is having a ton of fun playing the sport while on their quest for some brand new hardware. 

“We’re having a blast. We love volleyball and love playing volleyball. We’re all getting along,” the team said.  

The only thing higher than the team's morale currently is their follower count on TikTok!

The account currently consists of over 283,000 likes and 9,000 followers.

“I had friends from other schools ask about it and they want to make one, but their school wouldn’t let them. I think it’s really cool that Benton lets us make one,” the team said.

“I talked to my kids and they said 'yes let’s do it.' When your kids say 'let’s do it,' you do it,” Michelle Shoppach, the team’s head coach, said.  

Coach is normally the one giving instructions, but in the world of TikTok she went from coaching to being coached. 

“They tell me what to do and I follow directions. That’s pretty much the way it went,” she said.

The team uses the platform to encourage and inspire. In a world where social media can be hurtful, they hope their videos brighten people up beyond the borders of Saline County.

“It feels really good to show people our culture and what we’re about. We’re all about having fun and I think TikTok is the way to get that out there and show people they need to come to Benton," the team said. 

The wins on the court and the views on the app continue to trend upward for this squad-- and their head coach is now famous all over town as a result.

“Coach Shoppach I love your TikTok. I say 'thank you, thank you.' I’m just glad my girls love doing it and they’ve had success with TikTok,” Shoppach said.

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