The panic at War Memorial Stadium

The Salt Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in Arkansas.The neighboring cities of Benton and Bryant ring in the high school football year with a rivalry game too big for a high school stadium.

At War Memorial Stadium this year, the game was marred by a panic caused by dry fires of stun guns and a fight, according to police. 

The game ended in the third quarter. Bryant won 28-14 because the game, by rule, could not resume.

Hogs heartbreak in the College World Series

The excitement surrounding the Diamond Hogs reached a fever pitch as they made their way to the College World Series final.

The fifth-seeded Razorbacks were feeling the support. But they fell 5-0 to Oregon State in game three. 

After the loss, the team was emotional. But runner-up isn't bad.

Kalin Bennett becomes first NCAA recruit with autism

Kalin Bennett is a Little Rock native with autism. We originally covered him when he graduated high school. That's after doctors thought he may never speak, mind you.

But Bennett wasn't done there. The 6-foot-10-inch basketball player earned a scholarship to Kent State, making him the first NCAA recruit with autism.

His secret is simple: "Never give up."

The awful Hogs football season

Boy, Hogs fans were really excited for this season. All offseason we heard "hammer down" and watch SMU highlights to get us ready to go fast on offense.

And after the first game, it looked like we might turn a corner. Ty Storey threw three touchdowns and rushed for another in a rout of Eastern Illinois. The 55-20 

The team would go on to lose six straight. Two of those games were against Colorado State and North Texas.

To make it even more bizarre, two defensive backs were suspended in the final for flirting with members of the Mississippi State dance team the week before.

Chad Morris finished his first year in the SEC with a 2-10 record. A number of players transferred in the offseason.

Arkansas Baptist football player returns after diabetes diagnosis

Arkansas Baptist's Clarence Scott sat out two years when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He made the trek from his hometown of New Orleans with his sights on playing immediately.

But he lost almost 100 pounds after being diagnosed and had to fight to be cleared. But he made it.

Pottsville teen Drake Maness's road to recovery from paralysis

Arkansas high school football teams do not like each other, on the field anyway. But the high school football community showed how they can work together off the field.

Drake Maness was told he'd probably never walk again after he dived in a pool headfirst. 

But he never gave up. His recovery culminated as he joined the football team on the field for senior night.

Opposing Junior High football teams pray over injured players

There's been a huge emphasis in recent years to make football safer. But it's still a rough-and-tumble sport. Injuries are going to happen.

After a Nashville Junior High player was injured against Lake Hamilton, both teams converged at midfield and began praying.

The sight is incredible.

Bauxite coach's emotional speech goes viral

Tommy Wimberly battled poverty to not only graduate high school but become a teacher. But it didn't seem like that would ever happen when he was younger. He and his girlfriend had their first child as juniors in high school. He wanted to quit and work full-time. But he didn't.

So what was the difference? The teachers at Bauxite.

Kansas man breaks Arkansas trout record

Mike Bowers caught a 10-pound-2-ounce cutthroat trout in front of Gene's Trout Fishing Resort in Mountain Home. He beat the old record of 9 pounds and 9 ounces set in 1985.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission verified the catch.

Bowers said he has been fishing the waters longer than the 33-year record stood.

Coach donates kidney to fellow coach, best friend

Giving a kidney to a friend is a pretty big deal. These two basketball coaches at Christ The King attended the school together and have been friends for 20 years.

When one learned that the other needed a kidney transplant and that they had the same blood type, he was tested to see if he was a match. There was no hesitation.

“Simple phone call, ‘you’re getting my kidney, man.'" 

Bryant dance team making history with first male member

Not only is Kelton Ramsey the Bryant Dance Team's first male member, but he's also the team's only deaf member.

Kelton’s dance coach, Brooke Crump, said he is a unique person who is setting a positive example.

Kelton hopes to one day pursue a career in acting and dance.