On a beautiful night to play baseball in Cabot, there is one league that shines brighter than the rest. Leaping Beyond gives kids the chance to play on the diamond that may not have opportunities otherwise.

Fun is the number one rule for Leaping Beyond, just ask Cam the dynamite force on the mound and in the post-game interview. “I’m a hot mess.” 

This hot mess likes to hit home runs too, then show off the bat flip when he does.

“It’s fun, and I like to throw my stuff a lot.”

Stacey McMinn is a volunteer and board member with Leaping Beyond. “We really want to encourage the families to come up and not feel like they can’t. We want them to be apart of the community and it’s a great opportunity for us to that.”

Pauly Grisham and her family visit the ballpark every night. She plays first base, but her true love is at the dish. “Mainly the batting.” She can hit and field, but is known to talk some smack too. “Maybe just a little bit.”

There may be some chirping from time to time but at the end of the day this group knows the difference they make, is beyond words.