CONWAY, Ark. — This quarantine has left nearly all of us with time on our hands we didn't expect, especially high school coaches.

Normally they'd be preparing for summer and going through the off-season but instead they're at home. The story is no different for Conway head girls basketball coach Ashley Hutchcraft. So during this break she decided to put down her whistle, and pick up her pen.

Hutchcraft is the daughter of Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame coach John Hutchcraft. Using her father's notes he'd saved over nearly 40 years of coaching she wrote a 50 page book titled Code Breakers: The Expression of Basketball.

"I just started picking out the ones that I thought were the fun ones that you could really illustrate."

Codes such as the finger roll, or the floater. Just to name a few. All hoops terms for the basketball lover at any age. Hutchcraft says it wasn't just her love for basketball but her love for history.

"You know not only are dad and I really big basketball fans, we’re really big history buffs we really enjoy history and it’s kind of a play on words from the Navajo code talkers and they had that dialect of how they communicated in World War II."

Code Talkers is available as an E-Book on Amazon now and will be available on paperback in a few weeks.