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Former Razorback Daniel Gafford prepares for NBA Draft, training in Miami begins

THV11's Dorian Craft is spending Monday in Miami going through a typical training day with the former Razorback

MIAMI, Fla — 11:00 a.m. - Daniel arrives at Florida Memorial University for an hour of yoga with several of the others players who are training for the NBA Draft with Elite Skills Training. 

"All the elite players in the NBA are practicing yoga," says Briscoe. "What we really want to focus on here in his core strength and his flexibility."

Gafford has added in yoga two-to-three days a week. Briscoe notes that they've already seen the benefits of this in the rest of his training.

"Improved core stability is what allows Daniel to stay on his feet. A lot of times last year, he'd get knocked over. This is something that is going to help keep him upright when he's playing inside in the NBA."

Immediately following yoga, Daniel heads out to the court for a shooting session. 

As I write this, Daniel is working on turnaround jumpers from the elbow. One of the things that Briscoe and Gafford want to focus on during pre-draft workouts is showing that Daniel has the ability to step out and shoot from the 15-17 foot range.

No one is expecting to draft Daniel Gafford as a pure shooter, but showing that he can extend his range beyond is an added benefit that Gafford can bring.

He'll have another basketball session later this afternoon with Elite Skills Training Director of Operations, Brandon Dean.

8:00 a.m. - We pull up to the beach to meet Daniel Gafford before the start of his 8:10 a.m. beach workout, and he's already there walking out to meet Tony Falce, his strength and conditioning coach through Elite Skills Training. 

"His strength and condition is what we want to work on most," says his agent, Charles Briscoe. "If we can get his motor up, we're good."

Daniel goes through stretching with EST Director of Operations, Brandon Dean, and then starts on agility work, which is followed by partner resistance training and sand sprints.

"We've been focused on improving his physique. He's been filling out over the last couple of weeks," says Briscoe. 

Daniel spends an hour on the beach, and finishes with two 400-meter sprints, the second he runs in 52.8. 

From the beach, Daniel goes back to his condo where he'll have breakfast that been specifically prepared for recovery, and then on to yoga starting at 11 a.m.