CONWAY, Ark (THV11): CAC’S Christyn Williams is the #1 ranked girl's high school basketball player in the country. She’s a 3v3 World Cup champion, 2 time Gatorade player of the year. The list goes on and go. But one of the most defining moments in her basketball career isn’t highlighted on any resume.

While most 8th graders are worried about where they’re going to attend high school, Christyn Williams had different questions.

"I got my first offer in 8th grade from Arkansas," Williams said.

And they began with wondering what it meant to be offered a full-ride college scholarship to play basketball.

"I didn’t know what an offer was. He said you have a full ride scholarship, and I said what is that. He had to explain it."

It was a concept she’d soon come to know well. Because after the Razorbacks tabbed Williams, the rest of the college basketball soon followed their lead.

"Immediately after that, they just kept pouring in," she said. But it wasn’t until a few years later that Christyn's basketball career really turned a corner.

At 16-years-old, she was told no for the first time. She was trying out for the USA team in Colorado when she was cut from the final roster. “It was a struggle, I was hurt. That was my first time ever getting told no. It really lit a fire under me,” said Williams.

And that fire changed her questions from what’s a college scholarship to how can I work to never feel the feeling of disappointment again.

"Six out of the seven days of the week I’m probably at the gym or here," Williams told Taylor. The answer was hard work. And now, "After that, I’m now on 3 different USA teams. So I’m kind of glad it happened, honestly. It made me a better teammate. Just to know people go through adversity and how to deal with it. Like in game situations it teaches you how to think properly and quick."

Williams is the top rated girls’ basketball player in the country. She has narrowed down to her top 5 colleges to UConn, UCLA, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. And now, it’s everyone else asking the questions.

“If I had a penny how many times I would be rich,” she said. Taylor was one of the people curious about her future. And No, she did not beat Williams in horse.