HAZEN, Ark. (THV11) -- They've had three chances, but so far, Hazen has yet to come away with a state championship. They'll get another shot this Friday night at War Memorial Stadium.

"This town would be - they'd go crazy," said head coach Joe Besconsan about the reaction if the Hornets won the 2A championship. "These kids would go crazy, their moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas would be excited. It would be a big ordeal."

The last time Hazen made the title game was in 2014. They faced the same team they'll play this year: Junction City. While no one on the current roster played in that final, they all remember the game.

"A lot of them were there," Besconsan said. "A lot of them were in the stands watching the game."

"I just remember how crazy it was," said Hornets senior center, Jackson Shelman. "How many people were there, and how nice the stadium was. Junction City was really, really good that year, so it was crazy to watch."

For four years, the Hazen senior class has had a feeling about this game. "We've always joked about how were going to play them in the championship game our senior year," said linebacker Chance Taylor. "We're really excited to play Junction City. We've got to get Coach B some payback," he added.

Hazen enters Friday's game undefeated and ranked first overall in the 2A. But Benconsan believes a win over the Dragons would solidify what his team has been able to accomplish this year. "I think if you'd pick somebody they'd like to play, you always want to play the best," he said. "And this bunch wants a shot at Junction City."