NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - There are certain sounds that are associated with high school football.

There are whistles, cheering and the revving of a diesel engine in a tradition North Little Rock has kept rolling for close to 15 years.

The sound of an engine roaring is a sound familiar to every Charging Wildcats fan. The 1980’s Chevy affectionately dubbed the spirit truck. But what’s the history of the spirit truck?

“Okay, so it started in 2004, and it was just a bunch of guys that wanted to get together and get it. So, it was donated by a guy that I can't remember his name, but back then they just started it and it's been there ever since '04,” said John Henry Maloch, a senior at North Little Rock High School.

So, how does the spirit truck get passed down every year? “At the athletic banquet the previous four guys pick four juniors and give to them at the end of it,” said John Henry. But what does it take to be picked as a member? Is it the spirit truck squad? What is the official title of the four guys?

“To be picked you just have to be loud and show spirit at all the games and show up to as many as you can,” said John Henry. Well, then how do you make yourself stand out? “Wore a lot of bright stuff pretty much, and my older brother was a spirit truck guy so that kind of helped,” he added.

In fact, John Henry’s older brother, Ryan, gave THV11’s own Hayden Balgavy a ride in the spirit truck just a few years ago. The next thing we want to know is how the Jolly-Maloch tree of this has gotten passed down, because John Henry and his brother are not the only set of brothers that have had this truck, right?

“No, we're not. So, it started with Bradley Jolly, and he is a year older than my brother. Bradley gave it to my brother, and my brother gave it to Nate Jolly, and Nate gave it to me,” said John Henry.

Can we expect more Jolly’s or Maloch’s to come through North Little Rock?

“There's one more Jolly, but he's too young for me to give it to him,” said John Henry.