On Monday, ESPN's Dan Rafael reported that the Arkansas State Athletic Commission let an HIV-positive boxer fight despite a warning from the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

The boxing card, which took placed on November 11, was held in Camden and featured four "low-level bouts."

Mike Mazzulli, President of the ABC, told ESPN that he notified the Arkansas Department of Health about the boxer's HIV-positive diagnosis.

"This individual is suspended in Florida because of a positive HIV test and it was submitted to Fight Fax, our federal registry, which is required by federal law," Mazzulli said.

It is against federal law to compete in a boxing match if you are HIV-positive. Federal law also states that commissions check the suspension list before a fight.

Robert Brech, with the state's health department, said all boxers were tested prior to the fight and all came back negative for HIV. The department is still investigating the incident.

"If Arkansas had checked the suspension list," Mazzulli told ESPN, "this individual would not have fought because this individual was suspended in Florida."

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