LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Hogs fans went from disappointed to surprised in a short time Friday after coach Bielema was fired almost immediately after losing to the Missouri Tigers.

There was a sense of disappoint in the air in Arkansas. Fans after the game said they weren’t completely shocked and had a feeling Bielema would be out sooner rather than later.

“I wasn’t shocked at all. I was happy about it,” Nathan Duncan said.

Hogs fans did not seem to be too saddened by the news, either.

"It was a long time coming. Should've gotten rid of him last year,” Mike Womack said.

However, some fans were shocked to see Bielema fired almost immediately.

"I think it was a little soon but a message had to be said about how we don't tolerate losing that well here in Arkansas,” Brett Whitley said.

After five years with Bielema on the sidelines, fans are ready for some change.

"Looking forward to a new opportunity, to see where Arkansas can take it. Coach B came in with a good game plan, but it just didn't work out,” Duncan said.

Other fans feel Arkansas needs to do a better job of recruiting coaches.

“I kind of wish they would go back towards more of the running game like they used to have, bringing in top name running backs. Bringing in a coach, somebody that will bring more a passing game to the SEC as well,” Al Dandredge said.

While Arkansas' football program had a disappointing season, fans are hopeful the program will bring in the best.

"Let's go basketball team. Don’t let us down. Baseball let's do something,” Womack said.

Whitley said Friday’s lost was the biggest upset of the season.

“Just another disappointing loss…hate losing to Missouri probably the most, so just adds on top of it,” Whitley said.

Most of the Hogs fans THV11 spoke with said they are anxiously awaiting to see who will be the next head coach. They all expressed that they do not mind who it is, as long as they bring winning back to Arkansas.