LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (THV11) - I'm not a dad so I can't put myself in Chad Morris' shoes but several comments I received on Twitter and Facebook are directly from fathers.

Set aside the fact that Morris' relationship with his son allows him to travel and watch recruits without committing an NCAA violation in the recruiting hot bed of Texas.

Think about this as a father.

Jobs force us all to miss important events. Football games, birthdays, and I beg you to ask Jane & John Balgavy how many holidays I've missed to cover the Razorbacks. I can say with near 100 percent certainty any father or parent for that matter would use any means necessary to get their work done to watch their child perform.

Chad Morris should not be criticized because those means are available to him. If a private jet on a Friday night means being a better father, put that jet in the left lane and hammer down every week to the metroplex.