LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "Most definitely feeling positive," said Charles Crawford. “I got a feeling, tonight the bats are going to wake up, we'll do some damage, have some fun."

The energy felt across the state is not defeat, it’s confident that tonight the Hogs will earn the title of the College World Series Champions.

"The whole state of Arkansas is behind you, we're all here for you guys, were supporting you no matter what and you guys are making us proud and we want to see you win tonight," said Crawford.

Ahead of hopeful victory, fans have a message for our players in Omaha:

"Carb up, lots of peanut butter, peanut butter sandwiches, bubblegum, lots of bubblegum, you guys are going to do great,” said the voice of the Arkansas Travelers, Lance Restum.

"Stay focused, be calm, and know that we're rooting for you," said Laura Lancaster.

“You guys can do this, power through, we all believe in you and we are going to be cheering from home," said Andrea Fortner. "Prayers are with you and we know you’ll have the strength to push through."