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Arkansas Razorbacks fall to Alabama Crimson Tide

The Hogs fell to the 2nd-ranked Alabama Tide, with a final score of 49-26.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Hog fans will remember the Ronnie Wingo wheel route— the "loudest moment in Razorback Stadium," despite coming in a loss to Alabama, still provides joy and inspiration to this day.

Hog fans came into Saturday's contest versus the Tide looking for this year's moment. 

Wingo on the sideline, the video boards implored fans to "Get Ronnie Wingo Loud!" And on the first drive of the game, they got their chance.

At first, it looked doubtful. The Alabama offense got the ball first and quickly drove deep into Arkansas territory. But then Dwight McGlothern made a circus interception, and Razorback Stadium got Ronnie Wingo loud.

Unfortunately, that brought out the Arkansas offense, and they could get nothing going. The first three Arkansas drives ended in punts, a streak only to be interrupted by a fumble. No fear though, the Hogs quickly got back to punting after that aberration.  

The Alabama offense, for their part, recovered after that initial trouble. Bryce Young looked like Bryce Young, leading back-to-back touchdown drives with ease. 

But halfway through the second quarter, he got knocked from the game with an apparent shoulder injury. 

Backup Jalen Milroe entered and promptly drove the Alabama offense for back-to-back touchdown drives and a 28-0 lead.

Finally, at long last, the Arkansas offense. KJ Jefferson lead a 9-play, 75-yard drive, capped by a short touchdown pass to Ketron Jackson with 21 seconds left in the half. 

Bama knelt out the clock, and Arkansas headed to the locker room down 28-7. With the Hog getting the second-half kickoff, a vague amount of hope remained. 

The Hogs promptly punted to start the second half. The stadium got back into things when the Hogs forced an Alabama punt, and then, more signs of offensive life! 

KJ hit Trey Knox for a long gain into Bama territory, and followed with a key third down completion to Rocket Sanders, absorbing plenty of contact along the way. 

AJ Green capped things with a 13-yard touchdown, and all of a sudden, the Hogs trailed by just two scores.

Alright, now it's chaos time. Arkansas goes for the surprise onside, and recovers. The drive stalled inside the Alabama ten, and Cam Little knocked one through to make it 28-17. 

Arkansas forced another punt, and the snap gave Bama no choice but to fall on the ball inside their own five.

 Next play, Sanders punched it in for the touchdown. The two-point conversion failed, and the Hogs trailed 28-23 as the third quarter wound down.

But you knew it wouldn't be that easy. It never is, and this IS Alabama after all. The Tide responded with a quick touchdown, then forced an Arkansas punt.

In the end, the Hogs fell to the 2nd-ranked Alabama Tide, with a final score of 49-26.

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