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Razorbacks fall to Georgia Bulldogs, 37-0 as undefeated streak comes to an end

Disappointing day for the Hogs as the Razorbacks got routed by the Bulldogs, 37-0 in Athens.

ATHENS, Ga. — Arkansas football is undefeated no more. The 8th-ranked Razorbacks ran into a buzz saw at #2 Georgia, falling 37-0. You have a choice now, as a Hog fan. You can turn the page to Ole Miss, or you can grit your teeth and read on. We won't judge if you close this page right now, mental health is important (plus, we already got your click).

Still with us? Buckle up, but not in the fun, roller coaster way, more of the, "it's the only way you might survive this crash" way. 

The hype was all there. A top-ten matchup, College Gameday in the house, and Sam Pittman making a triumphant return to his old stomping grounds. Stetson Bennett IV got the start at quarterback for Georgia due to an injury for JT Daniels.  Arkansas decided to test the backup against their vaunted defense right away, winning the toss and deferring to the second half. The coin toss would be the last thing Arkansas won all day.

Georgia clicked from the start, marching down the field with cold efficiency, dominating at the line of scrimmage, and capping things with a Zamir White touchdown run. It was a sign of tings to come.

Actually, you want a sign of things to come? Arkansas was called for back to back false starts on their first offensive possession before they could get a play off. The drive ended in negative yardage and a punt. But hey, Arkansas got the punt off!

Georgia did the Georgia thing, going right back down the field. Arkansas almost came up with what could have been a momentum swinging stop, but Georgia converted a fourth and one, then capped things with a Milton rushing touchdown.

The next Arkansas drive led to Reid Bauer punting out of his own end zone. That went as poorly as you could draw it up, with Zamir White falling on the blocked punt in the end zone for a Georgia touchdown. 

Finally, the Arkansas offense was able to get rolling, behind some strong running for Rocket Sanders. Things stalled at the Georgia 20, then Cam Little missed his first field goal of the season. That kind of day.

The Arkansas defense stopped Georgia from scoring a touchdown, which was nice, settling for a field goal and a 24-0 game at halftime. 

Third quarter, more of the same. Arkansas got the ball to start, and immediately committed a false start. That was followed by two more Arkansas penalties, and a punt. 

After another Georgia field goal drive, the teams traded punts, which, all things considered, felt like a positive result by this point. 

The Arkansas defense at one pint committed three penalties on one play, a feat Sam Pittman described thusly: "Don't jump offsides, don't hold a guy, and don't pass interference a guy. Hell, I don't know."

The rest of the game featured a Hog third and 32, another Georgia touchdown, and some Malik Hornby action. 

Your framing is up to you. One person's "Arkansas gave up just 72 yards passing and never turned the ball over!" is another's "Arkansas gave up 273 yards rushing and committed 104 yards worth of penalties."

Perhaps, the most important takeaway is this: Arkansas plays at Ole Miss next week, football goes on, and with it, so does life. 

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