At the Kensington Flora Hotel in South Korea, Coach Erik Hole leads the women of the U.S. Ski Team in agility drills. Doing so by taking over the hallways of the plush five-star hotel.

It's not where you would expect an Olympic workout to be done, but downhill racer Alice McKennis says the team often finds themselves working out in the halls when competing on the road.

“We will do dry land in the hallway often or in the parking lot we will do it wherever we can, people are walking by, it causes a few questions,”’ McKennis explained.

Which in South Korean does have some perks, giving the racers a chance to stop for a break so they can appreciate some of the artwork on the hotel walls.

Then it’s back to Erik’s agility training, “eye foot coordination,” said Hole. A set that seems even more important in a nice hotel where you don’t want to break anything expensive.

“Here and there we break something but we try to be nice and smile,”’ Hole said.