LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The state’s largest cycling tour, the Big Dam Bridge 100 is set for Saturday, September 28 and the last thing any cyclist wants on the big day is a flat tire!

THV11’s Laura Monteverdi stopped by The Meteor Bike Shop to learn the ABC’s of getting your bike inspected before the ride.

Veteran bike mechanic, Chris Daigle, said that before any distance ride it’s important to get your bike inspected by a professional. He recommends every cyclist perform the ABC Quick Check on their bike.

ABC Quick Check

A – Air pressure.

Make sure the tires are pumped up and there are no cuts, tears or pieces of glass in the tires.

B – Brakes.

Make sure brakes are adjusted evenly. The brake pads should move the same distance from the rim when you release your brake.

C – Cranks and condition.

Make sure there are no bearings loose on the bike. The quick releases need to be adjusted correctly so your wheel stays on tight.

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