LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With coronavirus affecting many businesses in the state, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will extend the temporary closure of AGFC offices, nature and education centers and shooting ranges until further notice.

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Wildlife management areas, boat ramps, lakes and fishing accesses controlled by the AGFC will remain open to allow people to get outside during this time of social distancing.

The AGFC field staff is still working, managing the state’s wildlife and fisheries resources. 

Turkey hunting season is just around the corner, opening on April 11-12 for youth hunting and April 13 for regular turkey season.

Scouting for the birds is an excellent way to get out and avoid crowds, AGFC says. They also encourage fishing, too. It's an excellent option for people to enjoy without concentrating in large groups.

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The AGFC advises people to keep a “fishing rod’s distance” from other individuals while enjoying the outdoors.

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