Because of all the rainfall, the Arkansas River is in a high flow condition.

That means, it's not safe to be out on the water.

“There’s been heavy rainfall, several rounds of it the last few months and at this time, we have a small craft advisory in effect for the Arkansas River,” Hydraulic Engineer U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Matt Moix said.

The water is moving too quickly for things like kayaks and jet skis.

"Some of the lakes are high, but they're still safer than the Arkansas River when the flows are up. So if you're out enjoying the water or are near the water, always wear a life jacket," spokesperson Laurie Driver said.

It's also affecting water traffic at the commercial level.

“Traffic’s at a standstill. The liner service has deemed it unsafe to deliver barges up here,” Logistic Services operations manager, Donald Hines said.

Workers at the Little Rock Port Authority said it’s been that way since Friday, and it’s not just effecting their work.

“There’s people that’s not getting their product. There are places like Chicago or Nashville that I’ve got barges standing here waiting for us to load right now. They’re not getting their product,” Hines said.

For now, everyone is gearing up for rain forecasted in the remainder of the week.

“That can only make things worse,” Hines said.

Hines says this is normal after a very wet season, but more rain could affect people in low lying areas.

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“The flood control storage is provided by Army Corps of Engineer Lakes in Oklahoma. Right now we talk daily with our counterparts in Oklahoma and we coordinate with the National Weather Service at the River Forecast Centers,” Hines said.

The Little Rock Port Authority expects to be back up and running in about seven days.

They’re expecting to get hit with at least 40 barges as soon as they open.