LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Crews volunteered their time Sunday to help re-route the trails in Boyle Park after the main trail became susceptible to flooding.

Five years ago, Boyle Park in Little Rock wasn't exactly a hot spot for hiking.

"It used to be very, very popular," David Larson said.

Owner of Angry Dave's Bike shop in North Little Rock David Larson says the park had a lot of crime. But today he said it is completely different and a great place for mountain biking.

"It's a really fun trail and its come a long way," Larson said.

Sunday Larson along with other park goers spent the morning re-routing the trail. He says the main trail would often flood, making it hard to ride.

"Make it a lot more fun more flowy. Added some miles to the trail so you have to pedal a little further now," Larson said.

Joe Jacobs with the Central Arkansas Trail Alliance said the group paved alternate pathways to avoid mud when it rains.

"When the rains come, it turns into a creek. So its no fun to walk on, it's no fun to ride on," Jacobs said. "We came in and designed kind of a zig-zag going through it."

Jacobs said there is a lot of people in Little Rock that still don't use Boyle Park.

"It's safe. We come out here and ride all the time and never have any problems out here," he said.

But he said he is starting to see more families returning to the trails.

"When you get more people in the park or area, crime goes down and that's what we've done here. There's a lot more eyes on the park now," Jacobs said.

And Jacobs says crews will continue to work to keep Boyle Park updated.

"It's beautiful out here. You can fish, go hike or ride a mountain bike," he said.

If you would like to volunteer to help re-route the park, the group is meeting again next Sunday, Oct. 27, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Pavilion 3 in Boyle Park.