HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — It may be meteorological fall, but what does that mean for us? If you go by the feel--nothing. It still feels like summer.

However, Garvan Garden's bright yellows, purples, and even pinks are thriving. 

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"These, for one, the copper plants are huge. We planted them when they were this tall and now they're this big," said Sherre Freeman.

The season's early rain, coupled with lots of summer sunshine, made a difference and it shows.

"This is the premium look that any of these plants will get if they had the right conditions this summer, which they did," she said.

Freeman with Garvan Gardens also explained that the weather pattern lately isn't ideal, but the gardeners here are moving full-stem ahead. 

"We're looking at the end of September for mums. Winter plants are going to go in as far as flowering plants go," she said.

It's perfect timing for fall events next month, even if it does still feels like summer. 

"We will have pumpkins, we will have mums, and it will look like fall out here, even though the grass will still be green," she added.

As the forecast and seasonal outlooks take place, everyone here is staying positive. 

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"The greatest weather we could get is light rains every two or three days, breezes like I've got right now, sunshine would be fantastic, more mild temperatures would be fantastic," Freeman said.

The experts say to resist the urge to buy those autumn mums that catch your attention, but if you do, look for tight bulbs and keep them watered well until we can get rain in the forecast.