What a catch!

Coye Price just wanted to catch a bigger fish than his sisters when his family was fishing on Old Hickory Lake near Nashville.

And boy, did he!

TWRA said Coye hooked a monster 79.8-pound sturgeon in 25 feet of water.

That did beat out his sisters' record catches, who really haven't done too bad. Sister Caitln has reeled in a 39.8 lb striper and Farrah caught a 58 lb. blue catfish.

TWRA said there are three species of sturgeon in Tennessee, including the lake sturgeon that Coye caught. They are all listed as endangered in the state, due to a combination of over-fishing, habitat loss, and the damming of rivers.

These guys can grow up to eight feet, weigh up to 300 pounds, and live 150 years!

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