BENTON, Ark. (THV11) - If you’re from Little Rock or let’s face it even Arkansas you know all about War Memorial Stadium. But when you think about history, you think about 30 miles to the southwest you have to think about Benton Panther football and what they’ve meant to Saline County.

Benton head coach Brad Harris knows all about this program. “I can remember in the late 80s when I was in high school Benton always had really good football there and through the 90s they were always really good offensively and really explosive and had some good teams.”

Now the irony of those two histories. War memorial and Benton. They go hand in hand. Benton starts their season right here at War Memorial stadium every single year against Bryant.

Senior Tristan Hutchinson has been waiting on this game his entire life. “Greatest feeling in the world, once you do it one time you’ll never forget it. I remember going for the first time ever I was scared and nervous got there and it was a total different story. I was ready.”

It’s also no secret that Benton hasn’t done well in the Salt Bowl it’s been over a decade since they last beat Bryant and Brad Harris is hoping to change that. “You really start thinking about that game in January, that’s when the Salt Bowl starts getting planned.”

Now imagine if Benton was to pull off the upset against Bryant for the first time in over a decade.

“It would be like winning a state championship for Benton they may just roll the streets up and shut down the businesses or something, I don’t know but it’d be a huge win for the program and town of Benton.”