Little Rock, Ark (THV11): If you follow high school football in Arkansas, you know about Pulaski Academy. They’re a program that’s redefined success, going for their fourth straight state title. They give you exactly what you expect. No punting, onside kicks and always going for two. But sometimes their winning record and the private school stigma makes you forget that these kids are no different from the rest of us.

This Friday, the Pulaski Academy Bruins will continue their quest for a fourth straight state title.

“As a coach this is your favorite time of year,” says head coach Kevin Kelley.

It’s also a route to their third undefeated year under coach Kevin Kelley.

From the outside, it’s smooth sailing.

“I think the thing that people see from the outside looking in, they just see a program that’s successful.”

With the shiny trophies, and list of wins on display for all to see. It’s easy to judge the book by just that, right?

“I just hope they don’t short change, like all kids, our kids work really hard. And our kids have problems just like everyone else. ”

But remember what your mom taught you - never judge a book by it’s cover.

“Everyone has hard times and it’s not perfect just for P.A. cause we’re private school kids or whatever,” says Junior football player Bennett Perkins.

While the football looks great, getting the finished product on the field hasn’t been as easy as you might expect.

Take the Perkins twins. These brothers have gone through some pretty tough and private family emergencies this year.

They say during the past few months, when their worlds have been flipped upside down, it’s been football that’s helped them fight through.

"It was just easy, a place to escape. Like at home I had to do a lot of things that I usually didn’t do. It was a place to escape. I didn’t have to focus on the hard things in life cause I love football."

“I think the one thing that we try to do is we say the field is your escape, it’s your escape from your problems. It’s an escape from your stress. Come out here and focus with your brothers and your friends and put everything else beside you so that you can focus on one common goal together," says Kelley.

Their goal is to win another state championship.

"Yeah you’ve got some bad stuff but we are still better off than 99 percent of the population of the world. So be thankful for what you have too."