SEARCY, Ark (THV11): Through three weeks of high school football, Searcy quarterback Mason Schucker has passed for 18 touchdowns, averaging 368 passing yards a game. He’s an elite quarterback who credits much of his success to the offensive weapons he has around him. But he also has two other men in his life who’ve payed direct roles in contributing.

"You just look at his stature. He’s a tall kid. He’s making throws that the DBs probably think is too far for someone to make.

It’s person for him. No doubt. Everything he does, he does to the best my his ability. His brother will make him do it, his dad will make him do it," says coach Kelley.

For Mason Schucker, football is a family game.

"It’s just one of those things that having people around who care about you is definitely a way to make sure they’re on the same page and doing what he needs to do."

At Searcy High school, his dad the athletic director and his brother is the offensive coordinator.

"All three of us trained together growing up. My brother was a qb also. Me and my brother trained together growing up so we’ve always been close and just able to joke around and be serious at times in drills," says Mason Schucker.

"He’s taught me a lot of drills and also how to deal with pressure and adversity.

About like people are going to like you when you’re doing well and they’re going to hate you when you’re doing bad. So just not getting down when people are bashing at me, or like getting too arrogant when people are giving me praise."

"I think it’s helped him be as successful as he has to this point because ever since he was little he;s seen football, been around it. He’s learned a lot and it’s helped him to understand the process. And understand what it takes to be successful," says older brother Trey Schucker.

I mean he’s just throwing a lot of throws that high school quarterbacks don’t make. He makes a lot of throws that you see on Saturdays watching college football. It’s just unbelievable being able to watch him and he’s my brother and it just makes me proud watching him be able to do that.

To have my brother out there on a Friday night is amazing. I can’t hardly describe what it feels like to coach my brother. I have a chance to do that. I’m just thrilled at the opportunity to do that. And on Fridays, every time he throws a touchdown pass, it’s just a very good feeling."