HOT SPRINGS, Ark — Kade Tarbet started playing soccer in middle school. Since then, he's experienced incredible success, including helping Lakeside to a 5A state championship in 2018.

"It was definitely the experience of my life," Tarbet said of the Rams' win over Valley View.  "Just the whole journey of getting there, and then finally getting to that point, you've kind of waited for it for your whole life and then finally getting to lift up that trophy with your friends is something special."

His achievements aren't confined just to the pitch though. He's also a two-time state champion bowler.

"I joined bowling my freshman year. I never had really done it before besides maybe 2 or 3 times a year to go with my family," he explained, "and my brother was actually a senior that year and he was like, 'hey, it's my senior year, I'm going to sign up for bowling, you should do it too.' So I was kind of like, 'okay, that'll be something we can do together that will be fun. So we joined and I actually ended up really liking it and really liking the people there. And I never thought I would. It turned out to be one of my best high school memories."

However, don't ask him which one he likes better.

"They're two different sports so it's hard to compare," Tarbet said. "Soccer is more of a high intensity, up pace, go for 80 minutes non-stop and bowling is more of a relaxed, but you have to be very composed sport."

Tarbet will rely on the skills he's honed from both sports when heads to Army basic training in June.

"I'd always kind of known that I wanted to do it, but I guess I really made the decision halfway through my junior year," he said about enlisting as a part of the Infantry. "I started looking into it when I was going into high school and then started talking to people I knew that had done it. And that's when I first sort of knew that that was the path for me."

And he'll carry with him the lessons that he's learned from his time as a Ram.

"You can't do anything on your own in life," Tarbet said.  "It's okay to ask for help and rely on other people to be there for you. So it's definitely going to carry on as far as having friends and brothers throughout the rest of life."