JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — Kiley Dulaney has been playing soccer since she was 9-years-old. And her path has been a little different than most.

"Freshman and sophomore year I actually went to Cabot High School and I did play soccer there for the school," she said. "And then 11th grade I was home schooled, and so I didn't play a high school sport, and then senior year I went to Jacksonville."

Dulaney has spent the last several years playing club for Real Arkansas, as well as Oklahoma Energy F-C, a development academy club linked directly to the US National Team.

"If you play for the D-A you get looked at by a lot of US scouts," said Dulaney, "which is how you get to the big leagues."

In June, Kiley will head to Fayetteville to continue her soccer career at the University of Arkansas.

"At first I wasn't very comfortable with going there because it's way out of my comfort zone and I wanted to stay locally and stay close to home and stuff," she admitted. "But I guess something just switched in my head and I was just like, 'if I want to get to the big leagues and actually prove to myself how far I can go, this is a step I have to take'."

She added, "I have to get out of my comfort zone and actually push myself to my limits and that's probably the best place that I could do that."

While in Fayetteville, she plans on studying animal sciences.

"I don't necessarily want to be a vet," she said, "but if it comes to it than I will. But I do want to work with wild animals, like maybe more toward zoology. I just want to work with animals, they're great."

Although she won't have a traditional Senior Day, Dulaney does have hard-earned wisdom to pass on to the next class of female soccer players.

"Something that I've learned is really how to work as a team," she said. "Everyone has their part and everyone has an important part."