Coming off a year in which they went 17-4 and made a run to the state semifinals, Matthew Riley and the Sylvan Hills Bears soccer team thought they'd have a chance at the school's first state title.

"It was heartbreak," he said. "We could've won state. The team we had, we had a really good team, we probably could've won state and it would've been the first state championship that Sylvan Hills ever won in soccer."

Riley has been playing soccer since he was five, and the Bears' senior center forward loves everything about the sport. He was also a kicker on the Bears football team and picked up tennis prior to his senior year.

"We'd go and practice for hours," he said about training with his doubles partner. "It's a lot of fun. Eventually we went on to win conference and we went to the second round of state."

Riley hasn't decided on his next step quite yet. He could take a choir scholarship to Central Baptist College or he might pursue a career in the fire academy.

"It's just a real nice career if you follow through with it," he said. "Move up in the ranks and eventually become one of the chiefs. It just seems like a really good job."

No matter which path he chooses, Riley wants to thank to people that got him here.

"I'd like to tell them that I love all of them," he said. "To my coaches I'd like to tell them thank you for all the effort and time, mostly time you put into me. And thank you for pushing me to do better in soccer and be a better person. I'd tell all my teammates that I love them and I wish we could've finished better."