CONWAY, Arkansas — Wes Sutton has been playing baseball since he was four. And he's loved every minute of it.

"Just the atmosphere and the teammates. The brotherhood," he said. "And then of course the home runs, the strikeouts, and the crowd."

Sutton moved from Mayflower to Conway before his senior season and was looking forward to spending his final year on the diamond as part of the Wampus Cats.

"It was tough because it was my first year there and I was looking forward to it a lot," said Sutton, adding, "It was also Coach Boucher and Coach Lueders' last year there and so all the players just wanted to make it a special year. We thought we had a talented team and we thought we could make a run at Baum so it was just disappointing."

Sutton will head to Central Arkansas as a short stop and pitcher. Growing up right down the road, there was never a question of whether or not he wanted to be a Bear.

"UCA was always in the back of my head, like 'man I wonder if I can play there?" he said. "I was just blessed to have the opportunity to go there. I knew it was the right fit as soon as I had the opportunity, it didn't take much thought."

Although he's still undecided about what he's going to study at college, he's thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field. And the current situation was given him a whole new perspective.

"The medical field is a little bit intimidating with medical school and all that, but if I could get through it, it would be a great job," said Sutton. "Especially, you're seeing how important they are with this virus. Its an important job, you can never have too many doctors or nurses. So it's an important job in society and I think it's rewarding as well."

Before he goes, he wants his teammates to remember to always give it their all.

"Really enjoy every moment," he said. "There's no reason to have a bad attitude really because it's going to be gone before you know it. So you just need to enjoy every moment, take it in, even if you're having a bad day, go out there and play as hard as you can for the coaches because I know they're going to do the same for you. So really just to go max effort every day and keep a good attitude."