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Scoring controversy on Simone Biles' signature moves has some calling score system unfair

Here's why some gymnastics fans are upset with how officials are scoring the moves.
Simone Biles of the United States performs on the Balance Beam during the Women's Team Final on day two of the 45th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships at Guangxi Sports Center Stadium on October 8, 2014  (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

ATLANTA — Simone Biles is officially the most decorated athlete in women's gymnastics.

The 22-year-old Olympian won her 21st world championship medal at the women's team final in Germany, Tuesday. This comes as controversy brews as to how the Federation of International Gymnastics is scoring Biles' new signature moves - with some arguing the scoring system is unfair.

Biles made history last weekend with her two signature moves on the floor and the balance beam. During her floor routine, she landed a triple double, which is now officially dubbed "The Biles 2."

Then, on the balance beam, the 4'8" tall power house nailed an extremely difficult double-double dismount, simply called "The Biles."

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Here's why some gymnastics fans are upset with how officials are scoring the moves.

Every skill is assigned a letter, were an "A" is worth a tenth of a point and following letters add another tenth. The Federation of International Gymnastics listed Biles' beam move as an "H," when it would be expected that such a difficult skill would be valued as an "I" or a "J."

Critics say the scoring undervalues Biles' signature move, which no other gymnast has performed before. Biles herself responded to the controversy on Twitter with a choice word about the scoring.

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Biles told NBC Sports she recognizes she's in a league of her own, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve full credit for her difficult moves. 0

The Federation of International Gymnastics responded to the debate, saying they considered the risk, the safety, and the technical direction of the skill when scoring. 

Many believe that punishes Biles' in the process.

TELL US: Are Simone Biles' signature moves being scored fairly?


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