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Meet the Southwest High School golfer who's going for the green

Many people know the saying, “there's no 'i' in team", but that's not the case for the Southwest High School golf team— one girl is working to carry the team solo.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Like many high school students, Southwest High School sophomore Brea Green is a student athlete— and her sport of choice is golf.

“When I was in elementary first tee used to come to our school and practice golf with us,” said Green.

For Green, it was love at first swing.

“It’s so fun, I love this, and right when middle school came around, and there was a golf team. I was like, you know what, let's do that,” she explained.

When Southwest High School introduced golf to the list of school sports, Green was eager to join the team— but she was the only one.

“It's kind of lonely. But also feel kind of cool, because you get to put a team on your back,” she said.

Austin Pfeiffer, Program Director at First Tee Central Arkansas. said that this is the first time he’s seen a team of one.

“For her to be able to kind of just put that aside and say, you know, I’m the only one here but I believe in this and I’m gonna do this, it’s really a special thing,” said Pfeiffer.

Green has played in over ten tournaments, and this weekend she’ll play in another one where she will be going up against larger schools with larger teams.

“It’s nothing new,” said Green with a smile. “I just gotta show them what Southwest's got.”

Green said that growing as a player is what most excites her about competing.

“You have bad shots; you get good shots,” she said. “For me. It's like, okay, I want to improve more. So, if I continue playing, I’m going to improve.”

Green’s dedication to the game doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Putting in hard work and having that dedication and really having that mindset and focus to be better,” said Pfeiffer.

Green also hoped to inspire more girls to get on the golf course.

“Sometimes I rarely see black women playing golf,” said Green. "So, let's get more. Let's get more of us out here. Let's get more women of color. Let's get more girls out here.”

Green is working to recruit more members for the team.


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