NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (THV11) - In 2017 North Little Rock was one play away from another 7A state championship. Something Senior Ray Fresh remembers all too well. "Six seconds left, our ball and we just didn’t capitalize and they win."

Whether in life or basketball, when you get your heartbroken, NLR head coach Johnny Rice had to address his team following a one point loss to FS Northside."We’re sitting in the dressing room when the game is over and I said ya’ll remember what this feeling is like".

Nearly a year later the Charging Wildcats find themselves in the exact same position. One game away from a state championship, standing in their way future Razorback Isiah Joe and Northside.

"His game has really evolved and being from a sophomore and then a catch and shoot as a junior. But that’s not the case anymore. He’s the total complete player and he’s a problem for us." As much as Joe gets all the talk, it’s North Little Rock walking the walk this season. The Charging Wildcats are 2-0 against the Grizzlies this season looking for the sweep on Thursday.

"I’m a North little rock guy, I grew up here and played here and coached here the whole time and I put pressure on myself because I’m a hometown guy."