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'There's only one Razorback': Mascot Tusk V is one of a kind

"He worked out really well. He's met and exceeded all our expectations we ever had."

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — If you've ever been to a Razorback game, you may have seen a giant red trailer carrying a furry, friendly Arkansas tradition.

But the end of an era, marks the beginning of a new one in Fayetteville. It's the new mascot for the Arkansas Razorbacks!

"At the first game, we were really concerned he might be too laid back. We thought people would think, 'There's something wrong with him, he just lays around all the time,'" explained Keith Stokes, owner of Stokes Family Farm. 

Tusk V's interactions with people changed his mind. While other piglets seemed timid around strangers, Tusk V would approach them.

"He likes people," Stokes said.

Tusk V took over for his father this football season as the Arkansas mascot.

"He worked out really well. He's met and exceeded all our expectations we ever had," Stokes said.

Stokes also takes care of Tusk V's brother, Spaz. He got the name from being so spastic all the time. 

"We tried to keep at least two boys. That way, we always had the bloodline," Stokes explained.

Tusk IV, Tusk V's father, was the first one born on Stokes' farm, so he's still pretty special to them. Right now, he's enjoying retirement.

"Each one of them are kind of unique in their own way. You get very attached to them. They're like family members," he said. "There's lots of lions, tigers, bears, and bulldogs, but there's only one razorback." 

Stokes said he's so grateful for Arkansas. His family loves sports, animals, and the Razorbacks, and he considers this as his way of putting all three together and giving back.

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