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Young Razorback super fan isn't a fan of away games

Graham, a young Hog fan was distraught when he learned that he couldn't see the Razorbacks in person while they're away playing Texas A&M.

ARKANSAS, USA — Graham, a 3-year-old boy from Conway, is a huge fan of the Hogs. So it was understandable that he was so distraught once he learned that he couldn't see the Razorbacks in person while they're away playing Texas A&M.

"He's kind of been a lifelong hog fan," Sean Shrewsbury said.

His parents Sean and Christine Shrewsbury said their son, Graham has been a hog fan since  he was born.

"We watched the Razorback game in the hospital when he was born. He had no choice, but to be a Razorback fan," Sean Shrewsbury said.

Shrewsbury also explained that being a Hogs fan runs in the family.

"For as long as I can remember, my family's had season tickets to the football games. And it was just kind of what we did as a family," he said.

That tradition has continued as Graham gets older. 

"Last year, Graham went to his first razorback game, and then this year, he went to the Missouri State game, and he can't wait to go back," he said.

 The Hogs made the trip to Texas to prepare for their showdown with the Aggies-- much to the surprise of Graham. 

Graham learned that he has to wait a week and he has not been very happy about it.

"He understands that the Razorbacks you know, live in Fayetteville, and when we told him that they weren't there, he was obviously sad about it," Shrewsbury added.

Graham spoke with his mom, Christine, and shared that he wanted to support the Razorbacks on gameday, but much to his disappointment, Christine let him know that the Hogs aren't in town. 

And that wasn't the first time it brought him to tears. 

"Earlier this summer, we took a trip up to Fayetteville to see some friends and stopped by the stadium. And Graham didn't understand that the Razorbacks were not there," he said.

But when they are in Fayetteville, Graham loves to call the hogs loud and proud. 

The trip to the Missouri state game was his birthday present this year.

They'll call the hogs again at the Alabama game on October 1st.

Graham's mom, Christine also said he wants to dress up as a Razorback football player for Halloween this year.

Luckily after they finish business with the Aggies, the Hogs will be back in town for maybe their biggest game of the season when they play the Alabama Crimson Tide in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Whether it's in-person or on the television, we have a feeling that Graham will be cheering on the Razorbacks by whatever means.

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