Hunter Yurachek, the Director of Athletics for the University of Arkansas, was under the hot seat during his appearance at the Little Rock Touchdown Club after the Razorbacks lost 31-24 to the San Jose State Spartans.

Speaking to a packed crowd, Yurachek answered questions from the crowd and says his expectations with Chad Morris as coach is to "continue to get better as a football program."

He did admit that the loss to San Jose State was a step back, but wasn't going to put blame on the student athletes.

"The fact of the matter is right now as a football program here at the University of Arkansas, we are not good enough that we can't go out every Saturday and give our best and expect that we're gonna win," Yurachek said. "We're just not good enough."

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Yuracheck also stressed to the crowd that the season isn't over and there are still eight games to play this season.

"We have to be patient, it's not going to happen overnight," he said.

Although the Razorbacks have struggled to find an identity during Morris' second season as coach, Yurachek believes the football team "can compete in the SEC."

Yurachek told the audience that he talked with Morris and assured him that "you are my football coach."

"Despite the loss, I believe you're headed in the right direction," Yurachek told Morris.

During the event, an audience member stood up and said, "If you want to see passion for football in the state of Arkansas, schedule Arkansas State."

Yurachek simply responded with, "Duly noted."