UPDATE: Facebook service looks to be coming back. The website and app are loading normally as of 1:24 p.m. est.


Having issues posting to Facebook? Well according to downrightnow.com, Facebook is facing a "Likely Service Disruption."

Downrightnow.com calculates websites statuses by checking reports from users on Twitter, actual official site announcements and reports made to downrightnow.com.

Right now, when you visit Facebook.com, you are taken to a "Something went wrong" error page. Also, when you use the Facebook app, you are greeted with an "Unable to load page" error. No word on how long this disruption will last, so keep checking back.

In the past, when Facebook has faced outages, usually they are short-lived. We will continue to update this story throughout the day and hope that Facebook will be back up and running soon.

Facebook down
Screenshot showing disruption in Facebook service

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