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ARDOT shares updates on major roadwork around Central Arkansas

I-30 in Saline County is expected to be complete next summer, the 430 bridge this coming April, and the first phase of 30 Crossing around July 2025.

ARKANSAS, USA — If you've been anywhere around Little Rock recently, you've seen the seemingly endless miles of orange traffic cones.

"I always say this, no one likes road construction until it's over," Dave Parker, spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Transportation, said. 

If you're tired of all the construction, you're not alone.

"There is a bit of the pain," he said. "But I hope in the end, and I know in the end, it's going to pay off."

There have been major construction projects happening all around Little Rock— something Parker said is a little unique.

"Talking to my fellow employees who've been here awhile, this is one of the busiest times the department has seen in quite a while," he said.

You may have noticed these projects if you've gone any direction from Little Rock. 

Construction is underway at 30 Crossing, the split between 30 and 40, the intersection of 430 and Cantrell, and of course, I-30 in Saline County.

Parker said that he gets the frustration, but there are good things coming soon.

"We appreciate the patience, we know that it's been very frustrating," Parker said. "But we hope overall, people understand this is progress."

It's progress that should hopefully make life a little easier in those areas. Parker said to look at I-30 in Saline County as an example.

"In 2018, I looked, and it was getting 81,000 cars a day," he explained. "Projected to get 130,000 in year 23, 24. That's just there in Saline County."

As for when the projects will finish, Parker shared some details with us. The first phase of the 30 Crossing project is expected to finish in 2025, and I-30 in Saline County is expected to finish next summer.

The 430 bridge is just waiting on some electronics, and the Cantrell and 430 split was predicted to be finished this coming April.

It's progress, and some that Parker said he hopes will make everyone happy in the end when it's done.

"This is for everyone, safety for everyone, their quality of life to get from work, home, school at a better rate," Parker said. "We hope when they're all done, people will think back and think, 'Ok, I got it. It hurt a little bit, but I'm thankful.'"

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