CONWAY, Ark. — Roundabouts have become Conway's claim to fame and now drivers have six more to look forward to.

Spokesperson for the city of Conway Bobby Kelly said roundabouts on Donaghey are in the works. The city currently has 26.

"For folks that use Donaghey for school traffic, they know that you got to hit that timing just right," Kelly said.

They're adding at least three more along Donaghey, to be exact.

"Sort of the joke around here is that roundabouts breed more roundabouts," Kelly said.

The planned roundabouts are at Donaghey and College, Donaghey and Caldwell and Donaghey and Prince. Kelly said the city is also working on adding a fourth one at Donaghey and Tyler, near the train tracks.

"It's a weird intersection," he said. "In this case, that railroad runs in such a way that it runs at an angle, and so that presents unique challenges, especially if conditions are bad at nighttime."

A rendering of the potential plan shows two roundabouts that merge into one giant roundabout on both sides of the tracks. 

"It's like a peanut," Kelly said.

He said nothing is set in stone, but this plan may help traffic flow more easily around the tracks.

"You actually have to turn left and turn back into it, and for folks, that may be confusing and may lead them getting stuck on the railroad tracks," Kelly said.

 Kelly said people should also watch out for two new roundabouts on Salem next year: Salem and Irby and Salem and Tyler. 

 "Folks can expect to see some of that traffic congestion to dwindle down a bit. Not saying it's going to fix everything, but you're not going to see near the type of backup that you're seeing now," Kelly said.

Construction on these roundabouts should start around summer 2020 and be completed by 2021.

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